The Blackbelt Mastermind mission is to inspire, educate and empower us to be... always in the 'drivers seat' of our mind. Always be MINDFUL... To BE the BEST that we are in all that we DO. Danielle Serpico can help you gain confidence, focus and clarity and ultimately get to where you want to be faster. Mind Coach, Hypnotist & NLP Trainer Author & Radio Host.

The NLP Practitioner Training 16th Sept Dublin


Sat 16th to 22nd September 2017! Central Hotel Dublin ********************** Here is what they said after the last one! "I cant believe I almost didnt do this course! That was a game changer,and Danielle is the best person to lead the team!" "The week has been an amazing roller coaster of breaking through comfort zones, developing & sharpening existing skills & I am excited to bring everything I have learnt into the future!" "So many learnings, epiphanies, understandings, comfort zones challenged, good deeds done & trances. Excited to be moving into the future with new learnings, skills & motivation!" Mastering the Art of designing your own dreams and beliefs and creating the life you want. “Your beliefs become your thought, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Ghandi Sometimes what we believe is not always the truth – and yet – to us, it may seem so. What we believe is simply our ‘map’, our way in which we see and perceive the world. Becoming aware of this and learning how to open your mind to new possibilities and perspectives can be a very enlightening and hugely powerful experience. Realising that we often hold on, unbeknownst to ourselves, to negative and limiting beliefs, allows us instead to analyse them. We can then decide if they are useful or beneficial and ultimately affords us the potential to just let them go. This results in huge growth and change, resulting in a new, brighter and more open and creative mind. Imagine… how would life be different for you, with the skills, ability and confidence to look at every challenge face on knowing you are in control? What could you do differently, once you have the knowledge that you will succeed and have all the resources you need already within you? ************ You will... Have more confidence Self Belief Motivation Focus & Clarity Improved Communication Skills Leadership Skills Negotiation & Influence Skills Body language & Rapport Skills Improved relationships Control over your emotions More Happiness! A HUGE advantage, perspective and understanding of HOW your brain works! This gives you an edge over your competitors in business, an advantage in sales and a head start to forming wonderful relationships in all aspects of your life. Prepare yourself for a whole NEW Map of the world! What could you now do with this?

Walk the Talk


“The earth has music for those who listen.” George Santayna Experience this unique opportunity to walk with Danielle amidst the most beautiful natural scenery in County Wicklow, Ireland….. and create your plans to fulfil all your potential. Get insight into how to take the next steps in your life and learn how to be happy. Gain motivation and knowledge about how your mind works in the most conducive and inspiring environment. Fun, easy and inspiring 90 minute walk followed by afternoon tea in the magnificent Glendalough Hotel, Wicklow, Ireland. ‘What a difference a day can make’….. If your looking for more confidence, motivation, inspiration and a new fresh perspective in how to Walk the Walk then … Take the steps to change your life right NOW! Book your spot now for a Private or Group walk with Danielle. * Experience the journey to the Garden of Ireland and the Wicklow Valley * Take a drive towards one of natures most beautiful sites * Make yourself the VIP! * Breathe and start your special day * Just for YOU… A Gift… just for … YOU! As a gift for a loved one or for yourself…. These walks are very popular so Book NOW to get on the next one. Get on the list for Cancellations & find out more here! Walk starts at 10pm (at the Glendalough Hotel) with a coffee and chat first, then our incredible walk and then back again for a cup of tea! Concluding at 2pm approx. N.B: Once you have taken a walk with Danielle you are in the ‘club’, you will have an open line of communication going forward Throughout the whole of this pragmatic day you will have the opportunity to inform Danielle on your particular situation and for her to give you practiced and proven strategies and techniques to enhance your life. Your ‘Walk the Talk’ Experience is a unique way of meeting with a Transformational Coach in a transformational setting. Some of the benefits of this unique experience; * Gain Clarity, Direction & Focus * Discover more Motivation and Inspiration than before * Learn about YOU & how to Love yourself more *Discover how You tick and your personal decision making strategies * Find out how to change your bad habits * Learn the secrets of successful people * Know how to change your ‘state’ * Figure out your plan * Feel motivated, inspired and incredible. Take this opportunity and Change your Life today! Simply email me now to get on your way! ‘Walk the Talk’ Day with Danielle Serpico Bw9GZTCIgAEOVZ9 Take the first step among-st nature towards the rest of your life!… Book here today, invest in yourself and change your life… untitled (51) Treat your loved one to a very special gift today… Give them the gift of learning, how to understand their mind, take back control of their life and fulfill their dreams.Start here! Mind & Life Coach NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer with the ‘Society of NLP’ Wicklow, Dublin,Ireland and Worldwide through Skype!


A Life Coach can help you focus and gain clarity and direction, formulate a concise plan of action and help you in taking the steps to follow through. A Life Coach can also help you break down negative beliefs and overcome self doubt so as to become confidently in control and master of your own destiny. Imagine what life would be like for you without those limiting beliefs. What could you achieve if you knew you could not fail? How would life be different for you? So…what’s stopping you right now?

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