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Shepherd Security Ltd. is an Irish company providing a range of security services to a diverse range of businesses and organizations. Our core business is security personnel, mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response. The majority of our business is concentrated in South Dublin and Wicklow area. We have a reputation for customer satisfaction and value for money. We have a very experienced team of staff and a very low turnover of staff. We have an extensive local knowledge.

Mobile Patrols

This service is used for assignments where permanent security cover is not necessary. This consists of a security officer fully equiped with communications and vehicle carrying fixed time calls or random calls to assignments. Duties consist of external and internal patrols checking for signs of criminal activity, monitoring continous processes and equipment controls, changing of C.C.T.V recording tapes opening and closing of premises for staff.

Static Guards

This services consists of fully trained and equiped uniformed security officers being assigned on a permanent basis to provide security cover at a facility.The level of cover ranges depending on the clients needs the most common cover is 24x7 shorter periods of cover can be arranged to cover periods outside normal hours i.e nights, weekends, and holidays.

Key Holding

Shepherd Security Ltd are nominated as the primary key holder. In the event of an alarm activation we are contacted by the alarm monotoring centre. One of our mobile patrol vechicles promptly respond an investigate the cause of the activation. In the event of a false alarm our security officer will reset the alarm system and leave a detailed report. In the event of an incident such as break in of fire the security officer will take the approprate action necessary and contact the Garda or emergancy services. The client will be informed and a detailed report made.

Lock-Ups And Openings

Shepherd Security Ltd. provides clients with a professional range of opening and lock up services to clients in South Dublin and Wicklow. A fully licensed and highly experienced security officer is responsible for all staff, clients or customers leaving a building. Furthermore, they ensure that all the alarms are set and that the building is fully locked down. From setting the alarm to lowering security shutters to ensuring all possible points of entry are completely secure, we provide property owners complete peace of mind. The flexibility of our service means we have officers available outside of normal business hours, including weekends and all bank holidays.

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