Unit 81 Cookstown Rd, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Dublin 24

RSA School of Motoring, Unit 81, Cookstown Rd, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Dublin 24, Co. Dublin (01) 902 3100 RSA School of Motoring was established in response of the introduction of the Essential Driver Training (EDT) back in 2011.
Basically, the EDT requires that before learner drivers could sit for their driving test, they first have to earn a certificate from a licensed and RSA authorised driving instructor or school. The EDT is designed so that a learner driver, to earn a certification, must first go through 12 one hour lessons which are spaced within a six month period. 

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Why RSA School of Motoring Excels

For those who have driving test goals, RSA School of Motoring can assist you with them with their unique incentive programs. With this new program, students can learn quicker and easier to finally get their required driving certificate. There's really no need to go to another driving school, seeing how RSA School of Motoring is cheaper and more established.

Free Driving Test Routes

Purchase 5 or more lessons, and with the new program, you will be able to drive the official test routes for free. For students who want to learn to drive and pass the test, test routes are an essential part the winning formula for success. RSA School of Motoring has always been a good driving school, but with the inclusion of test routes, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal. Test routes have always been available for students, but this is the first time they have been included in the basic package. The test routes are still offered as a standalone option, but this is the first time they have been offered as a free addon to the basic package.

The change came about when RSA School of Motoring's curriculum designers observed that knowing the test routes was a major factor in determining whether or not their students passed the driving test. People buying driving lessons are often on a budget, so by charging money for the test routes, many students would pass on the opportunity. The entire thought process of the student was changed with this incentive. The owners of the driving school want all of their students to pass the test - since they saw the test routes as so valuable, it only made sense to offer them for free.


Free Motorway Lesson when you pass the test



While it's still a business, RSA School of Motoring is focused on producing proficient drivers, not just getting as many students in and out of the door as possible. Therefore, the new incentives also include a free motorway lesson upon successful completion of the driving test. Passing the driving test is great, but RSA School of Motoring is focused on the skill level of their students, not just an exam grade. 


Lots of driving schools say this, but the school actually backs up its vision with solid programs like the free motorway lesson. Students come back for the motorway lesson at no cost, the school knows it's done its job and stood behind its philosophy, and the roads become safer with more knowledgeable drivers.

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12 EDT Driving Lessons


12 Essential Driver Training Lessons

6 EDT Driving Lessons


6 Essential Driver Training Lessons

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Get a one hour mock test and hire of the car for your driving test.

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1 Hour Driving Lesson

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