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While Covid-19 completely stopped work for some industries, it simultaneously caused the working environment, and daily regime, to fast forward about 10 years for many sectors. We were always going to end up working somewhat like this. That is, cutting down on commuting, taking the more environmental approach of working from home, maybe 3 days a week, and only going into the office when we really have to. However, we didn’t have 10 years to prepare for this change; for most of us, it happened overnight. As a result, the psychological assessment process had to change to suit the new circumstances we find ourselves in. Everything has changed – this is covered in more detail under our specific services. This is what we do; we find solutions for our clients, grounded in our expertise in Organisational Psychology and decades of experience because the world doesn’t wait for anyone; if you don’t adapt quickly, you quickly become irrelevant.

Psychometric Testing

IRELAND’S FOREMOST EXPERTS IN PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING With over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering the best psychometric testing processes to help organisations, all over the world, confidently make the best selection decisions, you need look no further than Organisational Solutions.

Executive Assessment Services

Europe’s Most Respected High Level Selection Assessors. For several decades now, forward thinking organisations, have realised the critical importance of an objective and valid assessment of senior executives is key to ensuring effective leadership and business performance. Differentiating between performance and potential is one of the critical challenges facing organisations with regards to senior appointments. The safest and most reliable way of making these decisions is undoubtedly through the use of psychometric profiling. Executive assessments and psychometric testing, in general, consume well over half of our time.

Organisational Psychology Tests Ireland

At Organisational Solutions, we have designed and delivered tailored Leadership Development Programmes for organisations of all sizes and for Leaders at every level, from Team Leaders to C-Suite Executives. ABOUT OUR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Typically (but the approach can me amended to suit any schedule) our Leadership Development Programmes take place over a 12-month period, comprising four 2-day modules. Each module focuses on key areas of elite Business Leadership including: Leadership versus Management How to Motivate a Team you have Inherited Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Inclusive Leadership with Diverse Teams Strategic and Innovative Thinking Ensuring Well-Being Leading Remote Teams

Outplacement Services Dublin

OUTPLACEMENT SERVICES IRELAND Our Outplacement Services in Dublin provide support to those who are seeking a new job or career, be it through downsizing, outsourcing, redundancy, personal choice, or, more recently due to Covid-19. WHY CHOOSE US FOR OUTPLACEMENT SERVICES? Our varied Outplacement Services in Ireland allow us to work with both individuals and organisations and we have been specifically selected by many organisations for our ability to conduct such services in a discreet and confidential manner. Our Outplacement Service: Helps people to understand their potential and how to use it to their advantage Increases self-awareness and self-esteem Most importantly, we provide people with the requisite skills for finding a new job Including finding a job in a remote/virtual world How to prepare for video interviews.

Leadership Development Programmes Ireland

WHY CHOOSE US FOR LEADERSHIP COURSES? We do not try to pretend we can do all of this ourselves. What makes our Programmes so successful are the world-renowned experts we bring in to cover the particular areas you want to develop. Over the past 20 years, we have built a global network of experts in all areas of Leadership. We act as Coaches in between the modules to ensure the learning is put to proper use and becomes a fundamental part of a participant’s repertoire, as a Leader, therefore they genuinely grow and develop and help the organisation prosper, as a result.

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