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    My Mum ordered her bear and it arrived last week, have to say I’m very jealous as it is absolutely adorable! Smells lovely and its very weighty which is a nice surprise very well made, head is made out of stuffing so at least you can cuddle it without getting too hot! Would definitely recommend it for anyone! Decent size and as I said very weighty! Can also sit them on a radiator if wide enough and it should fill the room full of relaxing scent! Love it I want one may have to buy one :)

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    Gave the hot water bottle do my gran. She was delighted as she was afraid of scalding herself with the boiling water.

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    My sports therapists used the Medisana ITM massager on my muscles before and after my treatment. He also recommended I purchase one for home use which I did and now I use it all the time for any sore and tight muscles.

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    Saw this Medisana massager being demonstrated at an exhibition and only then realised it was the same one my Physiotherapist had used on a recent visit. I purchased it immediately and have now saved myself a lot of money.

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    We have recently purchased massage chairs. I cannot emphasize enough the huge benefits our service users are getting from their use: The many advantages include: Relaxation, distressing, mood lift, pain relief and something to look forward to. All ages use it. It is invaluable, I am only sorry I didn’t purchase them years ago.

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