Health Options formally The Real Massage Co. is the largest massage chair company in Ireland. We are the appointed agents for Sanyo massage chairs and the exclusive Irish distributors for Family Inada, Human Touch and Alpha-Techno massage chairs. We are the Irish Distributors for the Medisana range of massagers. Other products in our range include Drum Massager, Cure Snore, Aromatherapy fragrances and diffusers, microwaveable hot packs and other seasonal gift products.

Ireland’s No 1 Massage Chair Company

Health Options has been established in 2014. Maureen Kearns is the proprietor a qualified Kinesiology’s, with over 40 years retail experience.

Health Options picks the best in Healthcare products throughout the world so Irish customers can enjoy the innovative products with the peace of mind that you can pick up the phone and have a great customer service within Ireland, offering helpful advice based on extensive product acknowledge.

  • We are the appointed agents for Panasonic massage chairs.
  • We are the Sole Irish agents for Family Inada Massage Chairs.
  • We have our own resident engineer should there ever be a problem.
  • We are the sole Irish agents for the Alpha range of massage chairs.
  • We are the appointed agents for the Canadian THUMPER massager.

You can find the Thumper Massager along with some other items on our Online Shop.


2 minutes in the microwave and enjoy a couple hours of warmth and comfort. Available in the original neck cushion, slippers, booties , hot water bottles and cuddly pets. All contain relaxing lavender. Completely safe for old and young.


Top of the range hand held massagers. Alleviate local muscle stiffness and aids with circulation from our Medisana and Drum Massagers. 10 minutes a day what a difference this would make to your body. Great for sports injuries.


Ireland’s No 1 supplier of massage chairs. Relax in the comfort of your own home with our superb range of massage chairs. 15 minutes of heaven every day. Stress, circulation, stiffness, back ache, leg and foot massage.


This beautiful boxed Christmas bear tells the story of “Twas the night before Christmas”. The story lasts for 3 minutes.


Aromas Naturales Fragrances are intended to be breathed to gain the benefits rather than applied to the skin. Jars give approx. 12 months of aromatherapy. Also included in this range is the Cure Snore product. Cure Snore are two specific fragrances which helps alleviate snoring. This product has a 98% success rate.

Luxury Massage Chair

The Luxury Massage Chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs a variety of intelligent massage techniques and combinations that are designed to soothe sore muscles, alleviate stress and fatigue, increase metabolism and energy, and improve blood circulation.

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