I am a professional Woodturner from Tralee Co Kerry Ireland. I work with fallen Irish Hardwoods for the most part creating functional and decorative pieces for the home and gift market. I am am member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and a member of the Original Kerry Craft group.

Since early 2019 I have started to teach my craft , in effect passing on some of the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. Woodturning alone does not pay the bills unfortunately, so I have added 4 retail sections on my website. Maybe I can tempt you into buying a few pieces.... Check out my Woodturning Tuition calendar on my website and see the list of available dates.  Please contact me through my website to book your session.

Although I have listed a phone number it is not the best way to contact me. I work with loud machinery all day and I can't take breaks to ring people back when I miss calls. Please contact me via my website as I then have a written record of your request.

Hamlet Woodturning Tools


Quality Hamlet Woodturning Tools for sale, shipping from Tralee Co Kerry. Prices range from €34 to €50

Woodturning Private Tuition - Single person


Tuition is back open once again, check my website calendar for dates and times. I also sell a range of woodturning tools, sandpaper, sealers and finishing products with fast shipping in Ireland. https://www.davidcondonwoodcraft.ie/woodturning-tuition for details -------- Want to learn how to turn? I am offering private one to one sessions for students of all abilities, starting at €80 for a weekday 3 hour session. 2 students at the same time deal €150 (now €140). Gift Vouchers available if you want to gift a session. I have added time extensions for those who need longer sessions. New camera system ensures social distancing throughout the lesson. Covid-19 precautions in place. Please note, Saturday Sessions start at €100 for 3 hrs Single person rate.

Woodturning Experience with Covid-19 Precautions in Tralee


Woodturning Experience for 2 people. 3 Hours. I will teach you the basics of spindle turning and you will turn your own cylinder. Next I will turn one of my hanging ornament in 2 parts as you watch. I will then show you all the steps so that you can colour and finish the piece to your own specification which you can take home with you. This is a new Experience and the feedback so far has been very positive. For those of you who are adventurous enough to try something new. More info at https://www.davidcondonwoodcraft.ie/product-page/making-an-irish-hardwood-ornament-experience-with-covid-19-precautions

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