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In need of a chimney sweep? Our chimney cleaning service covers brushing and vacuuming, plus a post chimney clean, clean up to get rid of any excess ash and soot. It’s important to keep your chimney nice and clean as soot deposits can build up and this can prevent the chimney from venting potentially dangerous gases into the house including Carbon Monoxide. In Ireland, many household rely on chimneys and gas/oil/coal fires as their preferred heating method, so it is wise to limit the chances of a fire risk or smoke inhalation and keep your chimney as clean as possible, especially before the winter months.


Hoists and Cherry Pickers are great for reaching those areas that cannot be reached at arm-length. Our staff are fully trained to operate a cherry picker and have completed all the necessary training to man a cherry picker. We provide a cherry picker outsourcing service to businesses requiring a cherry picker for short periods. Please note that a member of staff, trained to operate a cherry picker, must accompany the business for the duration of the project.


A handy extra; we also carry out gutter and fascia repairs if the condition is poor. Before cleaning gutters or fascias, we carry out an extensive condition check, so that thet fascias can be repaired prior to cleaning. We will be happy to provide a quotation for the gutter and fascia repairs that can be carried out in the most economical way possible.


All our exterior painting is carried out with professional attention to the use of authentic exterior materials and paints. We can repair any damaged wood, slates or tiles ensuring the best weather protection for your property. We call attention to the owner potential problems and fix them where required and necessary, ensuring a professional result every time. We have all the correct tools and have completed all the required health and safety courses. All of our cleaning services are completed to a high level and to the customer’s satisfaction. We only accept payment once a client is completely happy with the service. Our company is fully compliant in terms of public liability insurance for cleaning homes


We dispose of all waste matter once our cleaning services are complete. We then remove it off-site where it can be disposed of safely, in an environmentally-friendly manner. These extras are part and parcel of our high quality cleaning service. We are proud to go that extra mile for our clients and save them disposing of unwanted waste material.


Powerwashing is perfect for paved areas and decking. Our powerwashing services uses power washes with variable pressure settings to ensure your paths and paved areas are kept in excellent condition while powerwashing. Power washing is fantastic for renewing the appearance of paving and paths and helps to prevent slippery surfaces such as paths and decking. It’s surprising what a powerwash can achieve and many clients have remarked that they now look just like new! We can also clean high up areas like walls and powerwash these using our cherry picker. We're based in Cork and cover most of Cork county.


Our window cleaning service in Cork is second to none. Cleaning windows allows natural light into your home or office; this light will help to heat your home and keep your electricity/gas bills low. Our Cork window cleaning service covers the cleaning of windows and window frames. Our high-reach water fed pole window cleaning system is perfect for reaching those high windows. This cleaning mechanism will ensure 100% satisfactory results. All water used during window cleaning is filtered to ensure all dissolved substances are removed. Extremely high windows? No problem. Our cherry picker can reach these high windows in complete safety. We're based in Cork and cover most of Cork county.


Fascia and soffit boards can become tired, dull and dirty looking after a period of time if not maintained. By cleaning fascia and soffit boards, you can rest assured that any permanent damage is prevented. Cork Gutter & Cleaning Services can clean your fasica and soffit boards to ensure they look fresh and new. Fascia and soffit will be cleaned using a combination of power washing and a high reach water pole system. Additionally, we also can clean out and clear blocked gutters, to allow the water to flow freely.


Free-flowing, clean gutters are crucial in protecting your home. A clear, clean gutter will catch the rain and prevent it from running directly down your home, causing damp on walls and adversely affecting the foundations.

By keeping your gutters clean, your house will remain dry and your walls clear of dripping rain water. Keeping gutters clean can save you thousands over a long-term period if neglected and untreated damp walls cause intensive structural damage. At cork gutter and cleaning services, we clean your gutters inside and out, with all resulting dirt and debris being removed in an environmentally-friendly manner. Our cherry pickers are useful for high building and each of our staff members are trained in health and safety.

Soft Washing / Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Cork Gutter and Cleaning Services use "soft washing" as the preferred method of cleaning, walls, roofs, patio areas etc. Soft washing will not remove paint, stone chips or plaster from your wall or remove the grout from between paving slabs etc. We will combine soft washing with power washing in some situations. Doing this allows us to clean more efficiently and with less pressure resulting in a better clean and less erosion of the surface being cleaned.

We offer soft washing for domestic, commercial, industrial premises & public buildings, suitable for houses, offices, factories, golf clubs, schools, conservatories, cladding, walls, pathways, patios, driveways and car parks.

Our Soft Washing is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces such as cement, concrete, stone, brick walls, roofs, slates, tarmacadam, steel cladding, plastics and timbers. We use the most modern equipment to restore surfaces to their original finish in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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