My success story, from Rags to Riches

Hi everyone,

My name is Alan Brown , I own and operate a very successful decorating/property maintenance based in Wicklow Town and South Co. Dublin.

This is my success story, basically from Rags to Riches:-


Due to life circumstances in Feb 2018 I was severly depressed and suicidel and admitted to hospital for two weeks, upon being discharged into the homeless services from Feb 2018 to Nov 2018. Came through the homeless system in Dublin and got a place of my own at the end of Nov 2018.


I got a job in a warehouse and moved on to contracting as a courier for DHL, unfortunately not the job for me.

While working as courier i did some small  decorating jobs and I was told I didn’t lose it, that’s what I needed to hear,  someone to believe in me, that belief was the spark which ignited the fire.

So now clever use of facebook was on the cards, what I did was put out old business posts of completed work and BOOM,  I was  receiving inquiry after inquiry.

In October I brought the business back for a third time and now in a position where I am booked our 10 to 12 weeks in advance

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I  had a great mentor for the business, my dad, who gave me the passion to love what I do and to NEVER GIVE UP.




AB Décor

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