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My business was seven last year and six and a half when COVID hit.

My business was seven last year and six and a half when COVID hit.  Last year started as the best year I had ever had.  In the proceeding 12 months I had set aside money, time and strategy to promote my brand much wider than I had ever done before and January to March 2020 it had worked a treat.  I was booked up completely up until May with speaking engagements, corporate training and a wide variety of personal clients.


I last spoke publicly (face to face) on the 8th of March 2020 and within a month of that date I was stripped down to 2 long term social media management clients and that was it.  I pretty much only kept those because they were food outlets as well.  With 3 months of virtually no income I just kept spinning my wheels online, sharing content that would appease my audience and then kicked off in June 2020 with a course I created that fit well into the Trading Online Voucher scheme.  This course has now become my most successful 1:1 course ever and since then I have pretty much - month on month improved on my client base and sales.  Its been wonderful help business owners, help themselves and give them the tools and experience they need to recharge their business.