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ADAM Security provides complete Fire and Security services for Retail, Hospitality, Medical, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Environments. At ADAM Security we can design, install, maintain and monitor tailor-made systems to suit your individual needs whether it be a new Security or CCTV system, Access control or Automation, Perimeter Protection or Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm or Fire Suppression we can combine a range of services to suit your changing needs insuring all your legislative and security requirements are met.

We provide an end-to-end solution for all our services. We design, install, integrate, monitor, maintain and optimize all our systems to ensure maximum efficiency and conformity as well as providing a 24hr callout facility. We can also adopt existing systems, maintain and monitor them, provide advice on recommended updates and implement an upgrade strategy on older systems.

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Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms The Benefits The Intruder Alarm is the backbone to any commercial Security System, it preforms its main task while the building is unoccupied and therefore is the main link to protecting your business. Our modern Intruder Alarm Systems do much more than just intruder detection, providing Panic Alarms, Access Control, Fire Alarm Integration and visual verification from the CCTV system and through camera PIR detectors. Once connected to our 24hr monitoring station it provides unrivalled security and protection for your business. Detection Without sufficient detectors the Intruder Alarm System is virtually worthless, well placed detectors allow the alarm to activate to would be threats rapidly minimising damage to your premises and stock from would be intruders. Key detectors are: Door Contact – Providing alert to a door/shutter opening Inertia Sensor – Detecting a window/door been forced open PIR Detector – Passive Infra-Red Detector, detects movement Acoustic Detector – Detects certain pitches of noise in an area Panic Button – Detects a Panic Alarm when pressed Smoke Alarm – Detects Smoke or Fire Interconnection Modern alarm systems do much more than just ring a bell in the event of an activation. Most alarm systems now act as a mini BMS system allowing managers to control the buildings security from one point of access. The alarm system can be expanded to incorporate features such as Access Control allowing the buildings access rights to be controlled via the main panel and allowing for cause and effect programming e.g. to set an area when all employees have left and then disarm the area when a new employee enters it. The system can also be interfaced to the CCTV system allowing the monitoring station to visually verify any alarm activation. Monitoring It is imperative to have any commercial alarm monitored not only to provide compliance with commercial insurance policy requirements but also to limit company downtime by ensuring intruders are apprehended before major theft or damage takes place. All our systems can be linked to our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) via PSTN (Land line), GSM (Cellular) or IP (Broadband). In the event of an activation the Intruder Alarm System contacts the ARC who in turn will contact the relevant key holders or guarding company alerting them to the intrusion and then at the request of the key holder (upon a confirmed alarm) contact the Gardaí. The system is also polled to ensure that the link to the ARC is functional at all times. CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY ON 016206758 TO ARRANGE A FREE NO-OBLIGATION REVIEW OF YOUR CURRENT SECURITY SYSTEMS & PROCEDURES

CCTV Systems

The Systems CCTV Systems fall into three main categories based on their video quality, Analogue, HD and IP. Analogue is the oldest of the technologies and still, the most common, cameras range from 700 TVL to 1000 TVL resolution which is approximately 0.6 Mega Pixels. HD is an evolution of analog it uses the same cable structure but different hardware and can achieve up to 4.0 Mega Pixels of resolution. IP is the newest form of CCTV it runs on a full IP computer network and can achieve images of 1.3 Mega Pixels up to 30 Mega Pixels resolution allowing detailed analysis of recorded images to be made. The Cameras The camera is the eyes of the system, the better the camera the better quality the footage. Depending on the technology used different cameras suit different applications, dome cameras are used to secure entrances or internally where the camera needs to “blend in” to the building, bullet cameras are used externally to provide overt security over the perimeter of the building and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras are used internally or externally where a monitoring station or staff need to be able to move the camera to view real-time events. All these cameras can be internal or external and come with IR (Infra-Red) allowing them to see in the dark. Recording/Analysis The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for Analogue or HD CCTV or the NVR (Network Video Recorder) for IP CCTV is the brains of the system. The DVR or NVR control all the functionality of the system including the live view, PTZ control, the recording, the video analysis and if required any external viewing connections. The DVR/NVR comes in a range of formats from standalone to Server-based machines with storage capabilities of 500GB to 100TB. The DVR/NVR can also be interconnected to Intruder, Fire or Access systems to provide a seamless security management system for your business. Connectivity All CCTV systems can be connected locally via LAN or remotely WAN, the system can be accessed via PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet. The DVR or NVR controls the remote connections using user names and passwords. If the site requires a system can be specified for connection to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) in this case using video analytics’ or using external motion detectors the system when armed can transmit the footage to the ARC where a supervisor will assess the intrusion, login and view the live footage from the site and if need generate a warning to the intruders via the onsite speakers and also inform any key-holders and the Gardaí. CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY ON 016206758 TO ARRANGE A FREE NO-OBLIGATION REVIEW OF YOUR CURRENT SECURITY SYSTEMS & PROCEDURES

Fire & Safety

The Controls The primary purpose of a Fire Alarm is the protection of life followed by protection of property, Fire Alarm Systems range in specification from L1 systems which provide automatic and manual detection and alert throughout the building down to category M systems which provide manual detection (Break Glass Units) only. Fire alarms come in 2 key types conventional and addressable conventional systems alert to a Fire in a given area say the “Factory Floor” and have no memory where Addressable systems provide the exact location of a Fire e.g. “Address 54 Factory Floor At Rear Exit” and also maintain a complete log of alarm events. Fire Alarm systems can also be connected to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) to enable key holders and possibly the Fire Brigade to respond to a fire in an unoccupied building. System Detectors Fire Alarm Systems use a range of manual and automatic detectors to detect Fire or Smoke in a building the most common detectors are: Smoke Detector – Detects Smoke using an optical chamber Heat Detector – Detects rising Heat levels in an area Break Glass Unit – Activated when the glass is broken by a person Beam Detector – Sends a Beam Across a Factory roof to detect smoke Flame Detector – Uses the visual light spectrum of a flame to detect fire Signaling The main purpose of the alarm is to evacuate all occupants safely from the building and in order to do so safely, a range of alert devices are required to meet a buildings individual needs the main types are: Sounder – Emits a high pitch tone to alert Strobe – Emits a bright red light to visually alert VAD – Visual Alarm Device, Combines Sounder and Strobe Voice Evacuation – Provides a guided evacuation alert Aspirating Systems An aspirating smoke detector (ASD), consists of a central detection unit which draws air through a network of pipes to detect smoke. The sampling chamber is based on a nephelometer that detects the presence of smoke particles suspended in the air by detecting the light scattered by them in the chamber. Aspirating smoke detectors can detect smoke before it is visible to the human eye. Aspirating systems are often used in large factories or warehouses where conventional detection would be less effective or in-ceiling voids where rapid accurate detection is required. Fire Extinguishers ADAM Security supply and maintain a wide range of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Fighting Equipment to suit your business. Extinguishers are required under HSA guidelines and insurance requirements. Fire extinguishers are active fire protection devices used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which has reached the ceiling, endangers the user or otherwise requires the expertise of the fire department. CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY ON 016206758 TO ARRANGE A FREE NO-OBLIGATION REVIEW OF YOUR CURRENT SECURITY SYSTEMS & PROCEDURES

Access Control

Access Control Swipe Systems ADAM Security offers a wide range of keypad and swipes access systems to suit all types and size of the business, from a single site to multi-site systems we can design, install and manage a range of components from a range of manufacturers to suit your needs. Systems can be standalone or integrated into PC based access management systems, which in turn can be integrated into CCTV, Intruder and Fire systems providing a seamless security management system for your business. Intercom Systems We offer a range of intercom system from traditional analog audio-only single entry single handset units to multi-entry multi-site digital IP Video/Audio systems. Our systems can be integrated across a range of technologies allowing Intercom Door Stations to transmit directly to staff members desk phone or as a popup on a staff members PC allowing the operator to handle the call without moving from their station, maximizing employee efficiency while maintaining site security. Barrier Systems Restricted site access provides a vital resource for employee tracking as well a providing a key Health and Safety/Public Liability benefit in improving site safety by restricting site access to staff only or expected visitors only. We provide a range of aesthetically pleasing barrier systems to suit all types of application and entrance size. We can provide a range of systems options including fully PC controlled parking systems, free exit loop systems, Number Plate Recognition Entry Systems, swipe/keypad Entry Systems, and Intercom Systems. Gate Automation We provide a range of gate automation to suit both new and existing sliding and swinging gates as well as rising bollard systems for a more concealed appearance. Whether a new or existing automated gate it is law under the machinery directive and enforced by the HSA, that the gate be adequately assessed and protected for crush protection to pedestrians, we provide an evaluation service and advise on the protection required in ordered to achieve compliance as well as offering a full fitting and testing service for safety devices. CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY ON 016206758 TO ARRANGE A FREE NO-OBLIGATION REVIEW OF YOUR CURRENT SECURITY SYSTEMS & PROCEDURES

Monitoring Services

Monitoring Monitoring Services So, you've installed your alarm system, but how do you know you're getting the most return on your investment? ADAM Security alarm monitoring is a specialised service providing all our clients, both in residential and in the business sector, with complete peace of mind. The triggering of an alarm is a common occurrence in a busy city or suburban areas. But they often go ignored by those nearby. That's why it's important to have your activated alarm system monitored by a security company. Our 24/7 alarm monitoring can guarantee that the security services at your home or business are in full effect. Falsely triggered alarms can be turned off and emergency or police services contacted when you need them. By allowing the ADAM Security alarm monitoring team remote access to your security setup, we can even take over the necessary intermittent updates and system changes. Saving you time and money by avoiding on-site maintenance. Business Alarm Monitoring Services Protecting your business' assets is important to any owner or operator. Primarily, you want you and your staff to remain safe always. Secondly, you want to protect the financial gains of your company by ensuring stock isn't compromised through theft or damage. Therefore, alarm monitoring is a must for any business owner. With burglary, shoplifting, vandalism and employee fraud all challenging business owners' bottom line, 24/7 alarm monitoring is your most effective defense against losses. We provide emergency call services, remote site, and alarm monitoring and a range of web reporting tools to help you manage the security of your business. Life Safety Monitoring Services Anyone personally, or who has a family member, suffering from a life-endangering medical condition knows how stressful everyday activities can be. Whether you're at home or out, you want to ensure you're safe and that medical emergency services will be contacted if you need them. That's why we provide alarm monitoring services to all our MedicAlert customers. The dual function of this advanced technology makes them a real-life saver. Designed with both the traditional "stress button" (the wearer can push this if they feel they're having a medical emergency) and a newly engineered fall detector device (automatic alarm activation when the wearer has a fall) monitoring on these devices guarantees fast medical attention when the wearer needs it most. Are you getting value for money when it comes to your business alarm monitoring? Every day we speak to business owners being overcharged for second-rate services and out-of-date technology. If you think monthly fees upwards of €100 for an alarm monitoring company that simply rings you when there is a problem is a bit steep, you're right. If you're troubled by the idea you might be paying for security technology that's 20 years old, you should be. If you want reliable security monitoring with set emergency protocols and no hidden fees, we can give it to you. CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY ON 016206758 TO ARRANGE A FREE NO-OBLIGATION REVIEW OF YOUR CURRENT SECURITY SYSTEMS & PROCEDURES

Security Maintenance

Combined Service Packages In today’s harsh economic climate, we understand the need to provide a cost-effective solution for your premises. We have a range of packages and payment plans incorporating whatever elements of our services you may require. How It Works ADAM Security provides you with a Contract Manager to personally ensure your needs are fully understood and met. We complete a security review prior to commencing services at your premises. Based on the review we develop Site-Specific Assignment Instructions to ensure full compliance with your businesses security processes and procedures. A detailed Service Level Agreement is designed to manage our performance. All systems can be remotely diagnosed daily/weekly or monthly to ensure proper systems performance. The monitoring station can alert to intrusion, system faults or power/communications failure before they become a problem. Our Contract Manager can visit your site at weekly/monthly intervals and will hold formal KPI meetings if required. Our system also allows the end-user certain access remotely to the system allowing CCTV to be viewed and alarms monitored. Legal Requirements HSA regulations require that all places of work including those with access by the public (clients/customers) must have their fire and life safety response equipment maintained in accordance with the relevant standards: Fire Alarms – IS 3218 Emergency Lighting – IS 3217 Fire Extinguishers – IS 291 Under the Gardaí Policy, all monitored alarms must have a maintenance plan in place with a PSA licensed alarm company in line with EN 50131 Standards From an Insurance / Health and Safety point of view Intruder Alarms, Access Control and CCTV Systems need to be installed and maintained so that when you need them they are there to be relied on, reducing business downtime due to vandalism and loss due to theft. Combines service package examples would include: Intruder/CCTV/Access and Fire servicing all in one visit providing reduced call costs. Emergency lighting and Fire Alarm testing after hours eliminating disruption to the daily operation of the premises if required. PAT testing – We provide testing of appliances which is now required by law for all places of business under Health and Safety in the Workplace Act. Test frequency is dependent on premises classification. Combined security and electrical packages to provide a one-stop solution. Deployment/Scale Ability In the present-day security is required for both insurance and health and safety reasons but it need not be a burden on your business: Our Installations can be stage implemented to reduced initial costs Finance is available across most of our installed systems. Certain elements such as monitored CCTV or Access control can reduce the need for manned security and so reduce overall costs. Structured and planned preventative maintenance ensures reduced systems downtime and overall running costs With our monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans, we can provide a tailor-made service to suit your budgets whilst keeping your premises compliant Our Certification MSC EN 50131 Intruder Alarms MSC SR 40 Intruder Alarms/CCTV Systems MSC SR 40 Access Control MSC PSA 2006_12 CCTV Installations PSA Installation/Maintenance Intruder Alarms PSA Installer of Security Equipment CCTV PSA Installer of Security Equipment Access Control ADAM Security provides remote security management to protect your staff and property while you are away or outside working hours CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY ON 016206758 TO ARRANGE A FREE NO-OBLIGATION REVIEW OF YOUR CURRENT SECURITY SYSTEMS & PROCEDURES


At ADAM Security, we know that security for your business means more than just a locked door and a camera. That’s why we offer comprehensive security systems to keep your business safe and secure. ADAM Security offers reliable and affordable security systems and always remains at the forefront of security with business security systems that work for you. Contact Us for more details


At ADAM Security, we know our retail customers are very busy taking care of their customers and have very little time and expertise to secure their premises and protect their stock - BUT, WE DO As the cost of everyday living grows more and more, the incidence of retail theft is also increasing. retail businesses need more than ever to protect their stock against theft and damage, and a good retail security system will do that. Today managing your store’s loss prevention strategy isn’t enough. now the reach and effectiveness of traditional loss prevention methods can be further extended and maximized by implementing store business intelligence solutions. Retail security is an asset no business can do without, contact us today to see how we can help your business stay safe. Email: [email protected] or visit our website


Safe and nurturing environments are the necessary foundation for education. Unfortunately, security breaches in a small number of schools have educators concentrating not on teaching, but on how to make their environment safer. We understand the unique challenges faced by schools, universities, and educational institutions. We specialize in providing innovative security solutions that secure public and private buildings, improve overall safety, and protect students, educators, and the public. We'll Help Build the Perfect Solution for YOUR Facility Whether you are a single-room nursery school or a multi-campus college or university, ADAM Security offers effective, proven surveillance solutions that ensure the safety and security of people and property, while staying within the budgets of education providers. Contact us today for more details


Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs present a wide range of security challenges. If you own or manage one of these you know. ADAM Security has solutions for all your security and fire challenges. We have significant experience in designing and installing systems that meet the unique needs of your business. Contact our offices today for more details PH: 01 6206 758

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