333, Wyckham Point, Dundrum.

Frank Perry is a chartered accountant and a business advisor with over 40 years of experience. Frank is an experienced accountant having worked at the highest level in Industry.

In addition, he has worked as a consultant in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey for over twenty five years advising on the management and financial control of international project funds.Frank’s services include business and financial advice to small and medium sized businesses. He delivers an net profit increase programme including business growth strategies that when applied have a multiplier effect on profits.


Includes managing cash flow and systems.

Profit Growth

Includes building leads, conversions strategy, increased spend, repeat business and gross margins.


Includes supporting employee engagement, performance and communications.

Market Positioning

Includes defining the unique selling position and ideal target market.

Action Plan

Includes setting the right goals and defining a clear focus,


The accelerator plan is a dynamic 90 day programme of 12 weekly sessions x 90 mins workshop. It covers the following:

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